10 Downright Weird Mobile Phone Accessories

Here’s 10 strange, weird and quirky mobile phone accessories that you’ll bizarrely want to buy

Mobile phones have become our constant companions, always there to provide us with the information we need via the mobile web, entertain us with games, music or videos and allow to get in touch with real people via text and phone calls.

Our mobile phones are special and therefore it makes sense that we want to treat them that way, which is how a whole market of weird, quirky and bizarre mobile phone accessories has popped up. Take a look at our pick of what we believe are ten of the strangest.


Meet the space travelling sloth

1. Space Sloth Phone Cover
Sloths have become one of the biggest internet memes over the past year, which is probably why one of them has found fame on this iPhone cover. If you want to know why it’s dressed in a space suit though – your guess is as good as ours. Random.




80′s style retro iPhone case

2. 80′s Style Retro iPhone Case
If you’re someone who believes bigger is always better then you’re in for a treat with this iPhone cover. As a throwback to the first mainstream mobile devices released in the 80′s, these mobile covers for the iPhone transform your device into an iconic piece of history. It’ll serve as a really great way to exercise your biceps on-the-go too!



Mobile garden

3. Cactus Charm
With ever-decreasing green spaces being available in cities and urban landscapes, it’s understandable to want to take a little bit of greenery with you wherever you go. Hence the arrival of plant charms for mobile phones – just like these cactus ones shown in the picture. Luckily, these pointy examples are tucked away safely in a glass capsule which means you won’t have to worry about getting spiked in the face every time you answer a call.





4. Textees
If you’re all fingers and thumbs when it comes to texting then never fear as Textees were made just for you. These odd looking contraptions fit onto the ends of your thumbs to give you a more controlled and specific texting experience. However, you might get a few strange looks in public if you plan to wear them out of the house.




USB windscreen wipers for iPhones

5. Mobile windscreen wipers
You can now rest assured that if you are ever in a scenario that involves you using a mobile phone in torrential rain – you’ll be able to see the screen clearly, thanks to these mobile sized windscreen wipers. We haven’t yet found where you can actually buy this wacky mobile accessory but if you live in the UK like we do – you may want to track it down what with all the wet weather we enjoy.




Old meets new with this USB typewriter for iPad

6. USB iPad Typewriter Accessory
If you’re indecisive about whether you prefer a vintage, classic style or a modern and contemporary design then this is the accessory for you. Blending old with new this typewriter keyboard is a USB accessory for the iPad. Allowing you to type using the traditional typewriter your words will appear in electronic form on your iPad so you don’t have to worry about ink or making a mistake and having to start all over again. Although with a hefty price tag of up to $800 you may want to think again, especially since this is one accessory you can’t exactly carry around in your pocket.




Weird hand charm

7. Weird Hand Charm
Do you ever feel that sometimes you need an extra pair of hands? Well, you’re in luck as this company has developed a mobile phone charm that you can manipulate to hold things from pens and pencils to lip gloss or keys. However, its many attributes do not cover the fact that it’s more than a little creepy looking.




A “handy” mobile phone cover

8. Hand Shaped Mobile Phone Cover
It seems that mobile phone users will go “hand in hand” with this mobile phone accessory. We’re not really sure what the benefits of this accessory are, but what we do know is that it’s one of the most absurd mobile accessories we’ve ever seen.




Hugive – a robot with a heartbeat

9. Hugvie

Hugvie is a plushy, pillow shaped doll that looks like some sort of hybrid between a human and this glow worm toy. Hugvie it designed to offer a real-life presence during a phone call with a loved one who cannot be with you in person. Hugvie was created to live up to its name sake and give great, comforting hugs, which is most likely why the inventor thought it would be a great idea to give it a human heartbeat. You know, for authenticity and all that. To use it, all you need to do is put your phone in the pocket in its head and start hugging it as you speak to your loved one.




Android espresso machine

10. Android Powered Espresso Machine
As far as mobile phone accessories go, we have to say this is one of the most extravagant. The problem is, it’s not really mobile. After all it is a coffee machine. But for all of you who own an Android and can’t go without your coffee then you’re sure to love it, especially seeing as how it plays music too! What more could you want from a mobile phone accessory.



Well, we’ve certainly covered some weird and wonderful mobile phone accessories in this blog. We hope you enjoyed reading about them as much as we enjoyed researching them. Let us know if you own any or if we’ve inspired you to go out today and buy one (or all!) or them.

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