10 Interesting facts about Jacqueline Fernandez

Jacqueline Fernandez rose to fame when she starred in her Bollywood debut, Aladdin, back in 2009 and from here onwards her stardom grew from strength to strength. So much so, this year she is currently filming for two big Bollywood films: Kick, which is due to be released later this year, and Roy, due to be released in 2015. She is definitely going to be gracing your screens more and more in the up and coming months so here are some interesting things you may be interested to know about Jacqueline Fernandez.

1. Jacqueline was born in Sri Lanka into a mixed ethnicity family. Her father is Sri Lankan, her mother is of Malaysian and Canadian ancestry and her grandparents originate from Goa! The Sri Lankan beauty also has 3 siblings, with her being the youngest!

2. The Sri Lankan’s beauty’s success stems from when Jacqueline was crowned Miss Sri Lanka Universe in 2006. From here, her career spanned to modelling, TV presenting and eventually she made it into the acting industry!

3. She is not just a pretty face! Miss Fernandez moved to Sydney, Australia to study for a degree in Mass Communications. She can also speak a variety of languages such as French, Spanish and Arabic.

4. Jacqueline’s first box office success was the third film she starred in, Murder 2, a Bollywood thriller. The film grossed a huge $6.2billion dollars in its opening week which elevated the movie to blockbuster status all over India.

5. In one of her upcoming movies, Roy, Jacqueline plays the role of two different characters. She stated that she enjoyed playing two different roles and that it was a challenge in portraying the two characters with completely opposite personalities.

6. Jacqueline also devotes a lot of her time to social causes and has spent a lot of time on animal cruelty and welfare programmes. She has also recently been appointed as brand ambassador for The Body Shop who create naturally inspired and ethically produced beauty products, therefore Jacquelines views are in keeping with the brands.

7. Jacqueline has said that she likes to keep work and her social life as separate as possible. She has said that ‘getting along with co-stars is important, but when it comes to having real friends I don’t go looking for them in the film industry’.

8. Her philosophy does not seem to apply to Jacqueline’s love life as she was in a relationship with filmmaker Sajid Khan for three years after meeting him on the set of Houseful. Their relationship ended after Sajid was said to be quite over-possessive which was beginning to hinder her career in the industry.

9. Alongside her other talents such as acting and modelling, Jacqueline also likes to cook and she finds cooking is good therapy! She has said that her favourite cuisine is French, but coming from Sri Lanka Jacqueline admits that fish is a huge part of her diet.

10. Jacqueline doesn’t like to buy into the idea that you need to be ‘cut-throat’ in the movie industry. Her motto is that ‘hard work works’ and says that if you want to sleep well at night, it is best to be an honest person!


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