10 Terrifying Yet Hilarious Halloween Pranks


That time of year is here again… where we attempt to imitate our favorite Halloween characters, carve artistic masterpieces into the side of pumpkins and attempt to play some terrifying pranks on our family and friends.

Halloween is traditionally known for people wanting to send shivers down each other’s spines either through creepy Halloween decorations, terrifying costumes, scary movies or just general Halloween spookiness.

But the greatest way to creep anybody out is to play a well-planned out prank. We have compiled what we think are the most terrifying yet hilarious pranks we could find on the internet. Can you make it through the list without hiding behind a pillow?

10. Slender Man

Sometimes the simplest pranks are the most effective. Slender Man initially originated as an internet meme but has gone on to become a YouTube star, known for stalking, scaring and traumatizing people. We wouldn’t like to be approached by him down a dark alleyway!

9. Scary Girl Prank

When cycling through a public park at night you do not expect to come across a girl covered in blood sucking blood from her victim’s neck. See how the recipient of this prank acted when he saw just that. And what would you do if you bumped into her in a secluded subway?!

8. Mutant Giant Spider Dog

This list would not be complete without the mutant giant spider dog. This prank was put up on YouTube last year and went crazy viral. Despite being an extremely cute and harmless dog, from afar, the dog is far from that. This video topped YouTube’s viral videos list in 2014 with a massive 150+ million… and growing!

7. Scary Dead Girl Prank

A prank that it is easy to do, cheap to carry out and highly effective. If you want to prank your mates this Halloween, then this is a pretty reliable one to use. The initial fear and potential risk of heart attack will be worth it after they realise they’ve been well and truly pranked!

6. Annabelle Prank

Another really well-done prank by Portuguese hidden-camera jokers. The prank has gained more than 21 million views and we can see why. Some maids were called to clean a large, creepy looking house ready for the return of parents who had lost their child. Find out what happens to the poor maids are subjected to some creepy poltergeist activity…

5. Exorcist Demon Spider Prank

The Viral Brothers are YouTube sensations when it comes to pranking. Think of any prank and you can guarantee that the Viral Brothers have attempted it. This one is particularly good. One of the Viral Brothers’ girlfriends becomes a possessed demon girl who morphs her body into an unnatural shape and chases unexpected victims around abandoned places. If you enjoyed their prank, then check out the Viral Videos channel on Yamgo and you’ll definitely find some more.

4. Chainsaw Massacre Prank

If there was such thing as a too extreme prank, then this would be it. This prank may have gone too far in some respects, half a man with his guts hanging out crawling through a deserted parking lot will be sure to make anyone run a mile. Luckily, it was all a prank… not sure whether the recipients forgave the prankers though!

3. Friday 13th

Imagine going out for a quiet afternoon fishing and being approached by a mad psychopath armed with a machete. Not your idea of a chilled afternoon but it makes for a hilariously funny viral video which has gained over 14 million views on YouTube!

2.  Paranormal Activity – The Ghost Dimension

This is a brand new prank from the makers of the movie series Paranormal Activity. An estate agent (played by an actor) show potential buyers around a house. Unbeknownst to them, the house they are looking around is the house from the original Paranormal Activity movie. Watch the video for the hilarious reactions of the visitors to the house in response to some seriously creepy and jumpy pranks.

1. Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise

If you wanted to really freak your friends out and impress them at the same time, then a prank like this would be the one you’d go for. We doubt any regular Joe Bloggs would have the budget to see this prank through due to the special effects needed, but we think it was definitely worth it for some of the reactions on the faces of the people who were not in on the prank. This prank has been played over 64 million times on YouTube and was made as a promotion for the Hollywood movie, Carrie.


We all love watching people get pranked or even carrying out the pranks ourselves, but the same can’t be said when you’re on the receiving end of one! Have you ever been pranked and has it been caught on camera? Let us know by commenting below or through our Facebook or Twitter page and we may be able to add it to our Viral Videos channel so you can be laughed at by millions 🙂 Watch the Viral Videos channel here!


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