The 5 Best Mobile TV Guide Apps for Android

A guide to the best Mobile TV Guide Apps for Android. Thanks to mobile phones and services like Yamgo – we can now watch TV anywhere we like. However, with the rise of online TV a variety of new channels, shows and videos have emerged for viewers just like you to watch. With all this choice available how do you know what to watch or how are you supposed to keep track of the shows which you  really want to see? Well viewers, we can help you with that!


We’ve picked the 5 Best Mobile TV Guide Apps for Android (don’t worry iOS users we’ve created a special blog just for you too!) which are sure to get your TV schedule organised and filled with great shows to watch. Read on to find out which apps we chose for our top 5…

TV Guide India is our first pick. Using this nifty app you can access the TV schedules of over 150 TV channels aired in India and rest of the world. In just seven months TV Guide India has had over 100,000 installs which is pretty impressive! TV Guide India is also available in 15 different languages including Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Punjabi making it easy to navigate and use.

Why we love this app: Find out what’s on popular Yamgo channels like 9XMSony SAB, B4U Music and lots more.


Screenshots from the TV Guide India App




TV Guide tv24 is one of the UK’s most popular and most downloaded TV guide apps. Offering schedules for over 430 different channels available in the UK and Ireland this app allows you to schedule reminders for your favourite shows and it also suggests the top five most popular shows to watch that day, so you’ll never miss out on the day’s hot topic of conversation.

Why we love this app: Schedule reminders for your favourite shows so you can make sure you never miss them.

Screenshots of the tv24 TV guide app.



3. GetGlue


GetGlue is different from any other TV guide app because it is based on social activity and what your friends are watching. You can create a personalised TV guide just for you by adding your favourite shows, movies and sports. Once you’ve added your favourite programmes, GetGlue will then recommend shows you might like, what your friends are watching and also movies which are available to watch in cinemas near you. As we mentioned, GetGlue is very social, so whilst you’re watching TV you can use it to chat with your friends, share updates about a show you’re watching and generally get involved with conversation surrounding the programmes that you can’t live without.


Why we love this app: Watching TV doesn’t have to be unsociable, using GetGlue you can connect to your friends and meet new people to chat about your favourite shows with.

Screenshots from the GetGlue Social TV app


TV Show Favs is an app which lets you keep track of your favourite TV programmes. Which episode did you watch last? When does the next episode air? All these questions and more are answered with the help of this super organised app. TV Show Favs keeps track of 25,000 different TV programmes and you can filter results to find shows you might enjoy watching and organise them into lists based on anything you like from the genre they are to when you want to watch them.


Why we love this app: Instead of keeping track of a certain channel, TV Show Favs keeps track of programmes, allowing you to create your own personal TV guide.

Screenshots from the TV Show Favs TV guide app



IMDB is probably better known for being a resource to find actors and actresses and the movies and TV shows that they have been in; along with reviews and ratings.
With the IMDB Android app you have access to an array of film and TV information, on the go, wherever you are. Find times for movies showing in cinemas nearby, search TV listings for your time zone, set up notifications to alert you when trailers are released for upcoming movies and much, much more.

Why we love this app: If you’ve watched a movie or TV show on Yamgo and you thought one of the actors was pretty amazing – you might want to find out what else they’ve been in so you can watch that too!

Screenshots of the IMDB Android app.


So there you have our 5 Best Mobile TV Guide Apps for Android. We hope you’ll give one or two of them a try. Let us know what you thought about them, or if you use a different TV guide app which you think is pretty great then let us know about it.

Thanks for reading :-)

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