6 Great Jamie Oliver Recipes

As one of the world’s best-known chef’s, Jamie Oliver has got hundreds, maybe thousands of recipes for things like the classics, like pies and pizzas, to recipes for things a little more exotic, like curries and street food.

To give you a bit of cuisine inspiration this summer here’s what we think are the 6 tastiest, most mouth-watering recipes from Jamie Oliver that can be tried at home. And if you want even more recipes and good food, then check out the Jamie Oliver channel on Yamgo, where you’ll find even more scrumptious food and delicious drinks.

6. A Fragrant, Fresh Red Thai Curry with Prawns.

Jamie Oliver shows you how to make a fragrant Red Thai curry paste from scratch, making use of coriander, ginger, and red peppers. He adds to this prawns and sugar snap peas, it’s a recipe that is so quick to make and very tasty too.

5. Juicy Mediterranean Roast Chicken Pasta

In this mouth-watering recipe, Jamie cooks a delicious roast chicken, marinated in a Mediterranean paste and cooked with fresh tomatoes, served with a good portion of pasta. Another tasty and vibrant dish.

3. Healthy Chicken Caesar Salad

A healthy take on a Summer classic. Jamie makes fresh caesar dressing made with low-fat yoghurt and cooks off his chicken and croutons to make a delicious Chicken Caesar salad that’s quick.

4.  Summer ‘Peasto’ Frittata

This light summer lunch dish is made with what Jamie calls a ‘peasto’, essentially a pesto made with fresh peas. He shows you how to make the light, fresh pesto from scratch and how to cook a perfect frittata. Quick and easy for the perfect summer lunch.

5. Simple Sponge Cake

The only dessert on this list, but it’s a good one, Jamie makes the perfect sponge cake for the perfect summer afternoon tea. Filled with lemon curd, cream, and raspberries, great with any seasonal fruits or berries.

6. Mediterranean BBQ Lamb Chops

You can’t have a summer recipe list without a BBQ recipe. Here, Jamie shows you how to create the most delicious Italian/Greek inspired lamb chops, loaded with flavour. To go with this he makes a medley of roasted vegetables.

So there’re some great tasty recipes to try at home this summer. Mouth-watering recipes can also be found on Yamgo’s Jamie Oliver channel, showing 24 hours a day delicious recipes for any occasion as well as recipes from guest chefs and foodies. If you try any of these recipes let us know how good they were by commenting below, or give us a shout out on social media through our Twitter, Facebook or Google+.

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