African-Americans Watch Most TV, Asians Prefer Web Based Video

A new report by Nielsen* analysing the media habits of adults in the USA has concluded that African-Americans watch considerably more TV than other demographic groups, whilst Asian-Americans watch less traditional TV but are the section of the population that consumes the most online video.

According to the findings of the report, African-Americans spend an average of nearly 213 hours a month in front of the TV. Incredibly, this is over a 100 hours more than the average for Asian-Americans, which Nielsen says is approximately 100 hours. Falling between these two groups of society are Whites, which Nielsen estimate watch an average of 156 hours a month, and Hispanics, which the study reveals spend an estimated 136 hours watching television.

Viewing Habits Across The USA

This trend is repeated when we consider the growing amount of time spent accessing live TV and video entertainment through mobile devices, such as Smartphones and Tablets. Despite only 39% of African-Americans owning a Smartphone, such as the popular iPhone 4, HTC Sensation or Samsung Galaxy S2, they are the largest consumers of mobile TV. Nielsen reports that the average African-American watches almost six and a half hours of mobile TV and video every month.

Smartphone penetration is highest amongst Hispanics with 53% of the population having adopted the latest iOS, Android and Blackberry devices. Hispanics along with the 48% of Asian-Americans who have migrated to using Smartphones consume an average of four hours and twenty minutes of mobile live TV and video during a month. Only 30% of Whites have updated their mobile phones to Smartphones and as a result they are the group which consumes the least mobile TV.

The report considered Internet video viewing and concluded that Asians average over 10 hours a month, topping all other three groups significantly. Hispanics follow with an average of about six and a half hours. African-Americans are next — near six hours — and whites are close to four hours.

These latest findings suggest that viewing habits vary significantly across society and will continue to pose a challenge to content providers and marketers eager to reach and engage with the largest possible audiences.

*[“Cross-Platform Report”, August 2011, Nielsen]

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  • Emily Yee says:

    As an Asian, when I first saw your post title, I can simply guess why Asian prefers web based video more than TV. It’s because there are a lot of Asian entertainment online such as anime, Japanese and Korean dramas, China and Hong Kong dramas and movies.

  • Albert says:

    The question is, does this matters? Youtube used to be a white people thing, but the longer it takes, it doesn’t matter anymore as long as this mobile TV thingy is improving.

  • tecfreak says:

    I guess not all Asians watch web video more than conventional TV.