Tablet devices, such as the Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy or the newly launched Amazon Kindle Fire, are becoming increasingly popular and developing a large number of users.

As publishers and advertisers increasingly target these new devices and attempt to monetise this fresh market, they will need to carefully consider the demographics of these consumers.

The latest quarterly consumer report carried out by Nielsen, which surveyed the owners of mobile connected devices in the USA, reveals that the user base of tablet devices has rapidly altered in the last twelve months.

Nielsen found that two major trends have developed in the fledgling market over the last year. Firstly, the percentage of older users has risen dramatically and secondly women now comprise a larger share of those consumers buying tablets.

By Q2 2011 fifty four percent of Tablet owners in the USA are now over the age of 34, an increase from thirty eight percent in Q3 2010.

The most change occurred in the over 55 category which now makes up nineteen percent of tablet users in America, a considerable increase from ten percent in Q3 2010.

The report also illustrated that the number of women using Tablets has also increased over the past year with women now occupying a larger percentage of the market. Women now account for forty three percent of all Tablet sales increasing their market share from thirty nine percent in the previous year.

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  • tecfreak says:

    Although the sales are going strong, I don’t think tablets were really needed. A laptop offers portability (and good enough perf), a desktop offers performance, the remaining requirement is fulfilled by a smartphone. Tablets neither replace anything nor do they offer anything significantly new.