The Best Bollywood Beats of Summer 2014

Still from Ek Villain

With August now behind us, monsoon is in full swing in India. The nights are getting longer and the days are getting shorter. Summer is officially over. As one last attempt at bringing it back, we’ve picked out our favourite Bollywood tunes of the season. Has yours made the cut?

Bollywood has had a blockbuster summer. Three films entered the 100 Crore Club and KICK become the highest grossing bollywood movie of 2014. So, to celebrate this excellent summer of movies, we’ve got our top seven favourite tracks of the season. Are you ready? Let’s go.

1. Caller Tune, Neeraj Shrindar & Neeti Mohan

Humshakals‘ first single was one of the major tunes that ushered in 2014’s summer. The movie itself was panned critically – with only 11% on Rotten Tomatoes – and tanked in the box office. The only thing that saved it from being an outright failure was it’s satellite and music rights, which were selling for a shocking INR 45 crores. (That’s 7.5mil USD!)

But when you listen to Caller Tune it’s easy to see why someone spent millions on the rights.

With London as the primary shooting location of the video, Tamannaah Bhatia, Saif Ali Khan, Bipasha Basu, and Ritesh Deshmukh wiggle their way through several of London’s landmarks… All while miraculously avoiding the rain Britain is so notorious for. Though the choreography has been criticised for being too simple, when you watch it’s hard not to smile. After the first chorus, you can’t resist getting up to try out the step-step-handslap yourself.

Luckily for us, the steps are just simple enough that only the truly hopeless could get it wrong.

2. Whistle Baja, Manjit Ral, Nindy Kaur & Manj Musik

At the beginning of June, Whistle Baja was everywhere having just achieved the number one spot in India’s music charts. One of several singles from the undeniably popular Heropanti Soundtrack Album, it was released four months ago and still hasn’t totally dropped out of India’s Top 100.

The lead song from action-thriller movie Heropanti, it’s almost bizarre that it’s so a catchy and upbeat. The main attention catcher of the song is, undeniably, the whistle. It’s impossible to listen to the song and not get it stuck in your head. A love song, it’s very easy to totally forget the lyrics. Our summer was spent whistling over and over as we tried to remember the words.

Check out the video for debut actor Tiger Shroff’s ridiculous six-pack.

3. Galliyan…, Ankit Tiwari

A slow, meandering love song, Galliyan… is at complete odds to the rest of our list. The title track from this summer’s thriller romance Ek Villain, the song is perfect for the movie’s main characters, Guru and Aisha.

Ankit Tiwari’s voice flows over a gentle melody that compliments the lyrics beautifully. The combination of string and wood instruments give romantic undertones to the song between the slow synth beats. This was our 2014 ultimate summer relaxation number. The perfect song to lie back, listen to and close your eyes as you drift away. It’s not hard to understand why Galliyan… has been called ‘the anthem of the season‘.

The scenes shown in the video are simple but very sweet. The movie’s leads, Sidharth Malhotra and Shraddha Kapoor, show undeniable chemistry as they play a couple falling in love.

Sidharth in particular is very good at showing longing with those puppy-dog eyes of his.

4. Saturday, Saturday, Akriti Kakar, Indeep Bakshi & Badshah

Not quite on the same level of LMFAO‘s Party Rock Anthem, die-hard party song Saturday, Saturday‘s main hook is its chorus. Guaranteed to have you repeating its lyrics like a faulty calendar, the song is from Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania.

Most of the emphasis here is on the singers. The electrobeats are kept in the background, complimenting instead of overpowering the vocals. A perfect combo for its romantic-comedy film originator.

All about girl loving to party, the song’s video really sells it. Alia Bhatt might not be the star of the video but when she arrives the action starts. Almost entirely devoted to shots of Alia and her outfits, Varun Dhawan is left to dance at her side and carry the rest of the video in solo dance sequences.

We’re not sure exactly where the tank comes into things.

5. Yaar Naa Miley, Jasmine Sandlas & Yo Yo Honey Singh

Taken from this summer’s biggest blockbuster, KICK, Yaar Naa Miley is one hell of a song. (See the pun?)

This is the only song in our top seven with primarily female vocals. But what can we say? Jasime Sandlas’ voice slams the competition. She makes the song. It’s hard not to love her dulcet tone as it weaves in and out of the backing piano.

The mythological angel/devil spin of the lyrics is played up in an almost pantomime fashion in the video. The film’s lead, Salman Khan, stands cloaked at the centre of a nightmarish set made of oversized skulls, stone, and smoke. It’s around him that the crowd dances – even when he’s offscreen, we don’t think he moves.

The song and the video make great play on his character’s pseudonym in the film; Devil.

6. Aata Majhi Satakli, Mamta Sharma & Yo Yo Honey Singh

Wait until the drums kick in. That’s when the song really kicks off.

The lead single of Singham Returns, the title of the track comes from a Marathi phrase. Loosely translated, it means ‘I am going mad now‘ and is used as a threat. A line from the original Singham movie and repeated in the sequel, the song really builds on its warning. The backing music is catchy but the lyrics are all about a man’s thirst for a fight.

Aata Majhi Satakli’s video couldn’t be at more odds with the film. Though the eponymous Singham is in the video, he is only there to interact with the other characters and stand stoic amid the madness of the set. Around him, dressed in police uniform, an army of young boys dance and shout. The set is a glitzy mix of police cell bars, sirens, flashing lights, and cop cars… barely anything close to the grittiness of the movie.

The surrealist drumming, the child screaming, and the video have had us coming back for more for weeks.

We’ve filed it away under ‘weirdly good’.

7. Tu Meri, Vishal Dadlani

5, 4, 3, 2…

Bang Bang! hasn’t even been released yet but it’s already brought out a smash hit with the song Tu Meri.

Launched at the same time as the record-breaking teaser trailer, Tu Meri shot to number one on the download charts.

Our third love song on the list, Tu Meri takes the opposite path to Galliyan… by being as fast paced and punchy as possible. Vishal Dadlani’s light and breathy voice really adds to the carefree feel of the song. It’s seriously hard not to bop up and down as you listen. (Take it from us – whenever it comes on, we can’t keep still.)

Film leads Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif dance through in a traditional Bollywood style romp in the video. Keep your eyes open for Parisian style cancan dancers, flame machines, ostrich feather fans, circus ring leaders, and two angels, right at the beginning.

It’s the perfect end of summer song.

That’s our seven.

What do you think? Do they deserve to be the top or would you have picked a different selection? With so many great songs out this summer is was hard to cut them all down. Would you have kept Saturday, Saturday or replaced it with Hate Story 2‘s Pink Lips? Let us know. We’re always open for recommendations on Google+, Facebook, and Twitter.

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