Does The Success Of Mobile TV depend On Free Content?

The challenge of increasing the popularity of mobile TV was discussed recently, in Hong Kong, at a summit attended by content owners, advertisers and handset manufacturers. During his keynote speech, the Head of Brand Advertising at AdMob, Christian Cadeo stated that, “Consumers don’t want to pay for mobile content.”

It is clear that those tasked with driving forward the mobile TV industry have several options; firstly content owners must implement an integrated approach of online campaigns and social media, and targeting in order to increase public awareness of mobile entertainment. Just making content available and hoping that mobile phone users find it is not going to radically increase the number of people enjoying mobile TV.

Secondly, mobile TV providers must ensure they are positioned correctly within the marketplace. The recent surge in the numbers of applications being downloaded by mobile users is a clear indication that today’s mobile customers are eager for content and they want lots of it. For mobile TV to compete in this arena, entertainment must be delivered simply, easily and on a free to view basis.

Yamgo has focused on this observation and their research supports the claims of Cadeo. Mobile customers are interested in accessing free content and growing numbers of them are adopting mobile TV as a means to get it. Yamgo has experienced significant growth in the number of people registering to watch mobile TV and the amount of time they spend watching the service. This consistent expansion in user numbers is due to Yamgo providing customers with free to view TV channels and mobile video.

Finally mobile providers must co-ordinate a strategy for monetizing content whilst still offering the customer what they demand. With consumers unwilling to pay for watching TV on their phone, mobile companies must develop their tools for collecting critical data and reliable measurements if they are to encourage significant advertising expenditure.

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