Minecraft’s Top Creations

When Minecraft was released in 2009 as a demo, nobody expected it to become the global phenomenon it is today. Its near unlimited creative potential has lead to some pretty impressive creations, whether they be due to sheer scale and size, or more intimate and complex. Minecraft’s top creations have become an art form and the world has fully embraced this new platform.

To coincide with our brand-new Minecraft channel which features some of the top and most popular Minecraft players, as well as impressive builds, mods and other Minecraft fun, we’ve decided to run down some of the most impressive, brilliant and creative builds we’ve seen in Minecraft.

5. Hogwarts Castle

This painstakingly detailed rendition of the magical school was created by ‘MrKaspersson’. All the classic features of Hogwarts are here to be found and explored, including the Great Hall, the Quidditch fields and the Chamber of Secrets. If you’re a fan of the Harry Potter universe then this creation is a must-visit for you, and the best part is, you can! The map is available for download for you to explore for yourself.


4. Cruise Ship

The Cruise Ship here isn’t just impressive due to its sheer size and scale, it’s also completely furnished and decorated on the inside. It features over 200 fully furnished rooms, a disco room, a gym and countless other detailed and functional rooms. This is another map that can be downloaded (via the description for the Youtube video below) so you too can explore and see this incredible feat of Minecraft engineering for yourself.


3. Coca Cola Can

Yes, this one is a bit more odd and confusing than some of the other epic builds in this list, but the size and randomness of this creation is exactly why it is featured on this list of top Minecraft creations. This Coca Cola can was built by the guys at the Minecraft Community Channel and since the video below has gone live, they’ve even added a Creeper from the game to look like it’s drinking the beverage. One of the weirder creations, yes, but still one of the most impressive.


2. A Working Computer

Can you make a working computer in Minecraft? One user, ‘Theinternetftw’ has answered that question: yes, you can. Using only materials and mechanics found in Minecraft, ‘Theinternetftw’ has created a 16 bit ALU in Minecraft. It’s not exactly going to replace your laptop but it can do simple math questions and the fact it’s made entirely with Minecraft mechanics makes it that much more brilliant.


1. Star Wars ‘Star Destroyer’

This Imperial Star Destroyer, from the Star Wars franchise, is the biggest creation on this list. It’s enormous and it’s even fully furnished on the inside, featuring working cannons, sleeping quarters for the Storm Troopers and a reactor room. It truly gives you the feeling of being within the Star Wars universe and makes you feel that you could be Darth Vader or Emperor Palpatine running the Imperial forces. This creation is any Star Wars and Minecraft fan’s dream and it’s fully downloadable through the description in the Youtube video, so you too can have an adventure throughout this enormous creation.


So there’s a few of what we think are Minecraft’s top creations. Do you know of even more impressive ones? Be sure to tell us in the comments and watch our new Minecraft Channel on Yamgo.com, it’s channel 266. Also be sure to keep updated with all things Yamgo by following us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+

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