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If you’re a fan of watching Hindi movies online then you’ll be happy to hear that we’ve launched a brand-new, exclusive Hindi Movies channel on Yamgo. Hindi Movies is a channel we’ve been working on for some time now and it contains a ton of great, full length films which you can watch anytime for free! Not only that but we add new movies every week. We think you’ll agree that this is a pretty awesome development for Yamgo.

We thought we would give you a run-down of some of the movies available on the channel so you know exactly what to expect when you watch. So read on to find out what the Hindi Movies channel has in store for you….


Produced in 1992 the Shashilal K. Nair directed Angaar is a gritty crime drama. Starring Jackie Shroff, Dimple Kapadia, and Nana Patekar in lead roles, Angaar follows the story of Jaikishan, an unemployed, trouble-maker whose life changes when he comes to the rescue of the deeply troubled Mili, a homeless orphan. Jaikishan is brutally outspoken and believes that India should be awarded for its corruption. Jaikishan is seen as a revolutionary but little does he know that his life will be turned upside-down when he doesn’t go along with the plans of the Khan family.

Aadimanav Aur Sarprani


Aadimanav Aur Sarprani is a movie about killer snakes – perfect if you want to watch a creepy thriller movie!

Aaj Ka Naya Khiladi


Aaj Ka Naya Khiladi is about a thief named Nitin. Despite being a thief Nitin is a good and honest man who sees himself as a modern day Robin Hood, he steals from the rich and gives to the poor. When Ileana enters Nitin’s life he falls completely in love with her, However, what will happen when Ileana finds out that Nitin is a thief? Will she accept his reasons for his crimes or will she walk away?

Be Careful

Be Carefull

This hilarious comedy follows Sameer and Arnand. Two kindred spirits who have been friends since childhood, sharing their journey through everything from school to college, studies to sports. Throughout their lives,  Sameer and Arnand have gained reputations as ladies men. One day the two friends meet the women who will change their lives forever– Anjali and Kiran. Anjali and Kiran trick Sameer and Arnand into marriage and vow to get their men to change their ways forever. However, a trip to Bangkok leads Sameer and Arnand into the middle of temptation as a mysterious beautiful woman tempts them to forget about their wives and have a little fun.

Female 300


Female 300 is a romantic adventure movie that follows two explorers into the jungle of South America who stumble across a tribe of beautiful and wildly attractive Amazonian women. When the two explorers leave the jungle, the women follow them back to Manhattan resulting in some amusing antics.

Dada No.1


Desperate and alone, two young orphaned children are inducted into a gang of thieves. Years go by and as the two grow up, Adhi and Madhi decide they will not steal another thing. The duo will mend their ways and live an honest life from here on out. However, changing their ways will not be as easy as they first thought because when Adhi and Madhi move to a new village they meet a family that is in dire need of their help.

Jyoti Bane Jwala


Jyoti Bane Jwala is about an orphan called Jagapati. Jagapati is an undercover police inspector working as a henchman for the local MLA Goud. Jagapati is known for his unorthodox style of police work and bending the law to take down criminals. When Jagapati meets the beautiful Lavanya he falls in love with her, but Lavanya is the widow of a man that Jagapati killed. Lavanya sets out to get revenge on Jagapati for her husband’s death putting Jagapati’s undercover mission in jeopardy.



Chinnabhai is a gangster and together with his right hand man (and dirty cop) Munna, they spread terror, crime and fear all over the city. Munna is madly in love with a beautiful woman called Madhumati, however she is in love with Cinnu. Sadly for Madhumati she cannot tell Cinnu about her feelings for him in fear that Munna will do something terrible if he finds out. When Cinnu finds out there is a plan to take down Chinnabhai, he gets involved and aims to get Munna imprisoned for his crimes too. Will Cinnu succeed and finally get to be with Madhumati?

Well, isn’t this getting to be a lot of movie talk? We don’t want to spoil all the surprises in store so this concludes all the movies we’ll be telling you about today. We hope you enjoyed reading but we hope you enjoy watching the films even more! If you want to start watching right now then here’s a link where you can do just that:

Remember to come back and leave a comment to tell us what you thought about the Hindi Movies channel and which is your favourite film.

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