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record breaking music

She’s just come back from a four-year hiatus and has taken the world by storm. Everyone is talking about Adele since she launched her latest single, ‘Hello’, and it became the first-ever single to have one million downloads in just a week!

It doesn’t stop there: Her album, ’25’, has not even been on sale for one week yet but it has still sold an impressive 2.4 million times in three days! At this moment in time, ’25’ is the fastest selling album since 1991, when album sales began being tracked. Pretty impressive.

Adele’s successes have made us wonder what other record breaking music we have seen over the years.

Streaming Record

It’s to be expected that the biggest boy band in the world would make this list at some point. One Direction have brought out a number of singles in the run-up to their upcoming album ‘Made in the AM’, namely ‘Drag Me Down’, ‘Perfect’ and ‘Infinity’. ‘Drag Me Down’, the first single 1D released in anticipation of their album did, unsurprisingly, really well. The track broke music streaming records in the UK, being streamed over 2.03 million times. It also broke a Spotify record for being the most streamed track in one day!

The First Band to Sell Out Wembley Stadium

To shout out ‘Hello Wembley’ across a sea of screaming fans is a music artists ultimate dream. Wembley Stadium in London is a huge venue holding 90,000 fans and has seen the world’s biggest artists and bands grace its stage. The first band to completely sell out a concert at Wembley Stadium was Muse in 2007. From this sell-out gig, Muse released an album titled ‘HAARP’, which featured all the live tracks they played at the Wembley gig. Since then, many bands have gone on to sell out Wembley Stadium. such as AC/DC in July 2015 when tickets sold out in less than 60 seconds!

First Artist to Sell One Million Albums in the First Week… Three times!

Taylor Swift broke the record to become the first artist to sell over one million albums last year (2014) with her album ‘1989’, selling over 1.3 million copies in the first week.  This is a phenomenal achievement from the 25-year-old female artist. 1989 was Taylor Swift‘s fifth studio album, which saw her move away from country music and it became her first ‘documented, official pop album’. But that wasn’t the first time Swift broke that record. Her third and fourth albums ‘Speak Now’ and ‘Red’ also broke the one million sales in the first week record, making Taylor Swift the first artist to break this record an impressive three times!

The Most Viewed YouTube Music Video

The first YouTube video to ever reach one billion views was K-Pop star Psy with his catchy yet slightly annoying hit ‘Gangnam Style‘. When the single was released in 2012, the world went mad for it. Whether you loved it or hated it, people couldn’t help but view the video on YouTube. The video went viral due to the signature dance moves performed throughout the song, making the single top the charts in over 30 countries! To this date, the video has nearly 2.5 billion views on YouTube.

Most Weeks at Number One

The longest running number-one song on the Billboard charts is ‘One Sweet Day’ by Mariah Carey and Boyz 2 Men. The track, which is about losing a loved one, spent a massive 16 weeks at number one on the Billboard charts. The song was also sung at Princess Diana’s memorial funeral in 1997. Pretty impressive that not one song since 1995 when ‘Sweet Day’ was released has spent longer at number 1. There have been many that have come close, such as Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson’s ‘Uptown Funk’.

Most Number One Singles

Who would you think tops the list for securing the most number-one singles? Well, think Liverpool, Abbey Road and Beatlemania and you’ve got your answer. To this day nobody has managed to beat The Beatles in having the most number 1’s. Elvis Presley and Mariah Carey are not far behind with 18 number ones under their belt, but The Beatles top this at 20. Their biggest hit was ‘Hey Jude’ with other number ones including ‘She Loves You’, ‘Help!’ and ‘Get Back’.

Most Vevo-Certified Videos

Everyone knows Vevo, it’s the go-to YouTube channel when you want to watch the latest music video from your favourite music artist. With it being so popular, Vevo came up with the Vevo Certified Award, which is honoured to artists who hit 100 million views on their music video. Currently, the artist with the most awards is Rihanna who has an impressive 23 to her name! Her most-viewed music video is ‘Diamonds’ with over 650 million hits! Adele has also managed to score another record with her single ‘Hello’ as it became the fastest Vevo music video, hitting 100 million views in just five days!

Most World Records Broken in a Music Video

American rock band Paramore broke quite an unusual record when making their single ‘Ain’t It Fun’. Unlike the other artists on this list who broke music records in terms of sales or success, Paramore opted for a more fun record to break. The trio, made up of front-woman Hayley Williams, Jeremy Davis and Taylor York, set out to break 10 world records whilst filming their music video. Some of these records included most vinyl records in one minute, fastest time to unwrap a mummy, the longest time spinning a record on a finger and of course the most records broken within a music video. Watch the video below to see if you can spot them!

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