Shah Rukh Khan, once again named the highest paid Bollywood actor by Forbes magazine, starring in leading roles in major Bollywood movies, and being the face of numerous brands and services. SRK’s appeal is as impressive as ever and his title as ‘The King of Bollywood’ is as yet, undisputed.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson just topped the Forbes ‘highest paid actor in the world’ list, with an impressive list of leading roles in both TV and Film and brand new endorsements, The Rock and his ever appealing brand don’t seem to be going away any time soon.

Both of these men bring in millions, even billions to the box office every year, so we’re going to take a look at Bollywood’s leading man vs Hollywood’s leading man, across 5 different categories; Action Rating, Comedy Value, Dramatic Roles, Endorsements, and Social Media Presence.


Action Rating

Both men are not afraid to throw themselves into a hard hitting action blockbuster. SRK starring in many action films such as the Don series of films, and the Superhero film Ra.One, numerous others, as well as the upcoming film, Raees. Shah Rukh Khan has never shied away from big action movies. Dwayne Johnson arguably made his Hollywood name starring in action movies such as The Scorpion King and Walking Tall, as well as going on to star in massive blockbuster action film series, The Fast and Furious and G.I. Joe. As action his his forte, The Rock clinches this round. WINNER: Dwayne Johnson.

Comedic Value

Dwayne Johnson started his career by being one of the funniest and outspoken WWE wrestlers ever as The Rock. His comedic value there soon grabbed the attention of Hollywood as he now regularly stars in comedies, films such as 2016’s Central Intelligence, in which he starred with one of the worlds best comedians, Kevin Hart, his humour is now often seen in most of his films, such as Get Smart, Pain and Gain and The Other Guys. Shah Rukh Khan is no stranger to the funnier side of cinema either, with 2 of his biggest films ever both being comedies. Happy New Year, in which he also sang, and Dilwale, in which SRK was the leading man. SRK’s appearances in other comedic films include Chennai Express, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Duplicate. For his legacy in wrestling as the funniest ever and his ever growing reputation in Comedy films, Dwayne Johnson claims this round. WINNER: Dwayne Johnson.

Dramatic Roles

Shah Rukh Khan has starred in numerous dramatic roles during the course of his illustrious career, receiving universal praise for several of his more serious roles. One of his standout performances was in the film My Name Is Khan, in which he played a man with Aspergers Syndrome, Khan’s performance got nothing but rave reviews and the film is one of Bollywood’s highest grossing films ever. The Rock and serious dramatic roles aren’t usually seen together but thats not to say he hasn’t tried it, movies like 2006’s Gridiron Gang, about a juvenile detention centre football team, shows that he has. But for sheer dramatic pedigree and acclaim Shah Rukh Khan wins the round. WINNER: Shah Rukh Khan.


Both men have not been short of endorsement deals in their careers, with brands wanting to capitalise on each actor’s massive fanbase. SRK is or has been the face for numerous brands including Pepsi, Hyundai, Nokia and TAG Heuer, he is one of the most active Indian celebrities, in terms of endorsements and promotions. He has even had his own perfume, ‘Tiger Eyes by SRK’.  Dwayne Johnson on the other hand, has also had his fair share of endorsements, including a recent deal with Under Armour which saw him launch his own line of clothing and accessories. For the number of brands and deals he has SRK wins this round. WINNER: Shah Rukh Khan.

Social Media Presence

Both men are powerhouses in the world of social media(as of this writing!), whether its Facebook, Twitter or anything else. Shah Rukh Khan has 21 million followers on Twitter (@IamSRK), which he uses regularly to provide fans with updates from his latest movies or his personal life. He also has an impressive 20million likes on Facebook, and 3.3million instagram followers.

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Dwayne Johnson also has an impressive twitter following, with 10.5million (@therock). The Rock however, boasts a massive 65million followers on Instagram who love to see his behind the scenes posts and motivational posts, and 56.8million likes on Facebook. For the amount of followers and likes he has, The Rock clinches the round. WINNER: The Rock.


So it seems Dwayne Johnson has edged this contest ever so slightly at 3 rounds to 2, but Shah Rukh Khan could one up The Rock when his newest film, Raees is released early next year. The Rock, has his own films such as Baywatch and Fast and Furious 8 due out in 2017. If you feel SRK should have won or if you think someone else is Bollywood or Hollywood’s best, let us know in the comments or join the conversation over on our Facebook page, or our twitter @YamgoTV.

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