Almost 100 bars and pubs in London are to experience a fast Wi-Fi connection thanks to a new partnership between BT and Heineken. The initiative will provide drinkers in the capital with the option of high speed internet whilst enjoying a pint or two.

In recent times pubs and bars have suffered decreasing customer numbers and revenue has declined sharply. This latest scheme by BT is recognition of the importance of the internet and is seen by many as an attempt to entice city drinkers back by offering free additional services with their drinks.

The move by BT and Heineken is an attempt to integrate the pub into a modern society which is becoming increasingly reliant on the internet. The changing nature of society is forcing establishments, such as pubs and bars, to innovate and develop new ways to attract customers.

Wi-Fi access has become important for many following the introduction of smartphones, iPads and tablet computers. It is hoped that by offering free fast internet access alongside the traditional pint pubs will experience a boost in numbers.

High speed internet access is likely to prove popular amongst those eager to use their mobile devices to update their social network status, check their emails, stay in touch with latest news stories and access their vast array of applications.

Consumer habits have altered remarkably in the last few years with many people now spending time watching mobile TV, interacting through social networks like Facebook and Twitter and enjoying mobile games such as Angry Birds and Words With Friends. BT and Heineken will be hoping to take advantage of this shift in behaviour and establish the pub as the ideal accompaniment to the modern social life.

The two companies plan to extend the service to 200 bars and pubs across the United Kingdom by the end of 2012. According to Heineken, Wi-Fi access will be free for BT broadband customers and for users of iPads, iPhones, iTouch, Android, Samsung and Blackberry devices and other smartphones.

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