Who Are The Ultimate Online Animal Stars?


We’ve all been there. You come across one cute animal video on YouTube and before you know it you’re one hour deep into a crazy cats compilation.

It’s no secret that these videos are cute, hilarious and make anyone who is having a bad day feel good (if only for a short while).  From cat vs cucumbers, talking dogs and sneezing pandas, we bring you a collection of the ultimate online animal stars.

So, to make your day a whole lot better, we want to give you a rundown of the cutest, funniest and craziest viral animal videos we can find. If you don’t want to adopt a cat, buy a goat or dress your pet up after watching the videos below, then we take our hats of to you!

Cats and Cucumbers

If you have been paying any attention to the internet recently, you would have noticed that there has been a lot of talk about how cats are terrified of cucumbers. Along with this, there has been a surge of people uploading videos of their cats and their cat’s reactions to having a cucumber placed slyly behind them. Some of the reactions are hilarious but there is no explanation why they react like this … we just hope that no cats were psychologically affected by these tricks! Yamgo has been inspired to create its own Cats vs Cucumbers channel so you can enjoy more of this content plus other hilarious and cute cat videos.

Two Dogs Dining

There is something hilariously funny about seeing two dogs acting like humans. We can understand then why this video has caused such a stir on the internet. The video of two dogs called Nono and Sia from Denmark eating their meal at a ‘restaurant’ could make anyone in the lowest of moods laugh!

The Sneezing Baby Panda

With over 200 million views on YouTube we could never have left the sneezing baby panda out of this list. It was posted on YouTube nearly 10 years ago (2006) and it is still probably one of the cutest/funniest videos on the internet to date. The clip of a baby panda sneezing and startling her mother has spawned various spoofs such as South Park!

Playing Goats

There is something extremely cute about watching this herd of goats having some fun on a piece of bendy metal! The goats, especially the kids, seem to be having endless amounts of fun throughout the one minute long video where they happily jump off and on a simple piece of metal. The owner of the video did not expect the reaction he received from the video, he just sent it to a friend but it has now gained more than 10 million views since it was uploaded in February 2014.

Grumpy Cat

Tartar Sauce is better known by her internet name ‘Grumpy Cat‘. It’s a pretty self-explanatory title and understandable when you take a look at Tartar’s grumpy facial expression (apparently down to her under-bite and feline dwarfism). Grumpy Cat first rose to fame when a picture of her was posted on Reddit and from then on she has become an internet sensation. She has seven million likes on her Facebook fan page, has her own YouTube channel, branded merchandise and has even starred in her own movie.

Mishka the Talking Husky

Everyone who owns a dog believes that they can talk to their owners in some way. But Mishka, a Siberian Husky from America, can actually tell her owners ‘I love you’. It is pretty cute and will make most people want to go out and buy a husky right away. The ‘I love you’ video was the first video uploaded by Mishka’s owners and has gained nearly 100 million views. From this, Mishka was made her own YouTube channel with over 181,000 subscribers! Apparently, Miskha loves Chinese food, her favourite celebrity is Tom Cruise and she loves singing and chasing squirrels! N’awwww.

Ultimate Dog Tease 

From one talking dog to another, this video, uploaded in 2011, has racked up 174 million views! The minute-long video records the dog’s bitter disappointment (along with comical voice overs) when his owner teases him with news that his favourite treat, bacon, has been eaten. The dog is even more disappointed when he learns that his feline friend (or foe) has eaten his chicken. The video is uploaded to the ‘Talking Animals‘ YouTube channel, which has tons of other hilarious and cute talking animals videos. This one is a must-watch as it is adorable!

Keyboard Cat

It would be rude not to give ‘Keyboard Cat’ the top spot on our list. ‘Keyboard Cat‘, who also goes by the name of Fatso, was the original viral animal video. The video was made in 1984 in the US but was actually uploaded to YouTube in 2007 under the title ‘Charlie Schmidt’s Keyboard Cat (THE ORIGINAL)’. The video of Fatso, dressed in a blue shirt and playing the keyboard to a simple beat, went viral. To this day Keyboard Cat has gathered over 42 million views on YouTube alone. It didn’t stop there either. The ‘Keyboard Cat’ meme has also gained a lot of attention, appearing on TV shows, video games and all across the internet. It’s just a shame that Fatso wasn’t here to reap the awards from his successes as sadly he died in 1987 🙁

There are obviously a lot more animal videos that have gone viral on the web with cat videos being very prominent. That’s why Yamgo have made a Cats vs Cucumbers channel which plays some of the funniest and cutest cat videos all day long.

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