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Yamgo TV has just gotten its hands on some super spicy exclusive content – the 9XE channel. Airing the latest and freshest Bollywood stories, gossip, and news, 9XE is the only place to find 9XE The Show outside of India! Want to find out which of the biggest Bollywood stars will be in the studio? Keep reading…

9XE is the newest Yamgo TV channel from India’s Number 1 place for Bollywood music, 9X. The home of the inseparable Bade and Chote, 9XM brings the best Bollywood music… and now 9XE brings the best Bollywood stories, with the biggest Bollywood stars! Akshay Kumar, Bipasha, and Priyanka Chopra are just some of the celebrities that have joined host Mia Uyeda in the studio for 9XE The Show – a bi-weekly Bollywood round-up with tadka! The 9XE channel will air The Show alongside exclusive digital shorts produced by the 9XE team for non-stop Bollywood entertainment.

9XE‘s official beat-boxer, Vineeth ‘Beep’ Kumar (@vbeepk), gets the biggest stars to join him for Word Play. Salman Khan is one of the many Bollywood mega-stars who have sat down with Beep to rap, rhyme, and beat-box. All on the spot! Will your favourite star be able to handle the pressure? Or will their embarrassment end up being aired on Dirty Linen?

Pap Attack will let you know what the stars have been up to during the week. Tune in to find out who attended the hottest events, what they wore, and where they were. Unless you’ve seen them yourself… Then you can tip off the team and get your sighting on the show!

Quick 5 will cover the day’s five biggest Bollywood stories with a 9XE twist, while the News Desk will focus on a leading headline. All in-depth Bollywood coverage plus hard hitting reviews of the latest Bollywood movies and trailers. What more could you ask for?

Our Yamgo TV exclusive content will include shorts from the 9XE Tubers Nafisa Sharma, Prabudhh Dyma, and Rahul Arora. These three share their crazy views, mad encounters and minterviews for the whole world to see! Nafisa is a boy mad fashionista who shops until she drops, Prabudhh is a part-time ninja, and Rahul is a Bollywood addict and party animal. Expect them to find Bollywood’s A-listers and grab them for some quick fire interviews. Rahul’s only been working for the channel a week and he’s already nabbed Malaika Arora Khan!

Want to see 9XE in action? Check out the promo below. You won’t be disappointed.

Channel 9XE is live now! You can watch it and 9XM for free on Yamgo TV, here! Want to find out more about 9XE The Show? You can follow them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. You can also check out the channel’s official website here.

Still craving Bollywood? There’s even more free music from 9XM with Yamgo TV on 9XM Tasham. Sign up on Facebook to view our Premium channel, 9X Jalwa. Yamgo TV is one of the biggest online streamers of Bollywood channels. Check out our full channel collection.

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