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The team at Yammieverse Labs have developed an exclusive club for Hedera and crypto enthusiasts to leverage their assets and earn crypto rewards without losing control of their crypto.


What is Club Yamgo?

Club Yamgo is an exclusive club for HBAR holders to come together to help grow Hedera and Yamgo ecosystems all while getting rewarded!

Club Yamgo offers its members the ability to network, share news and gives access to exclusive deals and offers that members can take full advantage of all while getting the opportunity to earn Yamgo Token, exclusive Yammieverse Genesis NFTs and much more. 

Welcome to the gateway to our Metaverse!

What is the vision?

Club Yamgo is intended to become a massive hub for discussion, innovation and growth within the wider cryptocurrency ecosystem, creating a strong community full of like-minded individuals to network and also get exclusive access to rewards!

Club Yamgo aims to unite all prominent members in the industry including developers, influencers, HODLers and others who share the same passion about Hedera.


What are the rewards?

Club Yamgo™ members can earn several rewards including: 

  • A YAMGO token joining bonus
  • A daily staking YAMGO reward
  • A share of the daily YAMGO emittance pool
  • Loyalty NFT rewards and loyalty Yamgo token bonus
  • Referral rewards 
  • And more


How does Club Yamgo membership work?

Club Yamgo allows you to leverage your existing HBAR through our lite-staking™ method and earn regular YAMGO and NFT rewards without ever locking up or losing control of  your HBAR (non-custodial staking). 

Members of Club Yamgo are required to hold their HBAR in a Hedera account created via Yamgo. The longer and the more HBAR you hold, the greater your rewards will be.

Yamgo can never access your HBAR, we can only send you rewards, because all keys and mnemonic phrases are generated automatically on your device and we will never have access to them. All keys are generated on your device and Yamgo never has access to them, that gives you the highest level of security as long as you store them safely!


How do I become a member?

To become a member of Club Yamgo you must do the following:

  1. Create a Yamgo account (skip this step if you already have a Yamgo account)
  2. Hold a minimum of 1000 HBAR in the Hedera account you created when you joined Yamgo**
  3. Associate your Hedera Account with YAMGO token by following the guide HERE
  4. Use a referral code from an existing member of Club Yamgo*
  5. Complete Identity Verification


*If you are having trouble finding a referral code, join our Club Yamgo Discord server HERE
 **We highly recommend that you test if your Hedera Keys are valid before putting any HBAR into your account. You can do this by sending a transaction, by staking to a node in the network tab or by restoring your wallet in a 3rd party wallet app.
Per our Terms & Conditions Yamgo accept no responsibility for any funds that are lost, stolen or otherwise inaccessible to you as a result of using the platform.

Hi, My Name is Pat! The crypto ninja who works for Yamgo, the wallet that's so secure, even their passwords have passwords! Earn crypto rewards like a boss, staking and watching videos like it's nobody's business. When I am not crushing it in the crypto world, I am crushing waves like a pro surfer and soaring through the air like a kiteboarding superstar. All fueled by coffee that's so strong, it could power a rocket ship to the moon. Move over Superman, there's a new hero in town and he is packing some serious crypto-power!