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Over 40,000 people have joined Yamgo during the beta period and are earning crypto rewards everyday


Introducing Yamgo, a rewards platform that allows you to earn “money-like crypto assets” in exchange for your online actions. Built on Hedera Hashgraph, Yamgo rewards you with the Hedera HBAR crypto asset for completing small actions such as creating an account, watching videos, playing games, downloading apps, referring friends and more. 


The easy way to get crypto for free

Why do something for free when you can get paid for it? From playing games to downloading apps, filling out questionnaires or watching videos, Yamgo believes that you should be paid for your digital actions. 


How Does Yamgo work?

Yamgo is simple to use and completely free. Just visit, complete the sign-up process and you’ll start earning rewards immediately. It’s that easy! Yamgo even rewards you with some Hbar just for signing up!

You can earn rewards by completing offers, by downloading and playing games on your smartphone, downloading apps, referring friends, watching videos and adverts and more. Simply head to the earn tab in your Yamgo dashboard and browse the offers. Best of all there’s no minimum rewards threshold, all of your rewards are paid into your account as soon as you earn them. You are free to spend, save and earn rewards as you please.


Free daily HBAR rewards with Yamgo Boost

The Yamgo Boost program allows you to claim a free random reward every day based on the amount of HBAR in your account and the amount of prestige you’ve earned. The more you use Yamgo, the more prestige and HBAR you’ll earn and ultimately the bigger your daily rewards from Yamgo Boost will be.


But wait, there’s more!

You can complete various tasks to unlock achievements and earn Yamgo points. The more Yamgo points the higher your prestige rank (from Bronze to Diamond). The higher your prestige the more you’ll earn from features like Yamgo Boost.

On top of that Yamgo offers functions to store contacts, transfer HBAR, make HBAR purchases and more.


The Yamgo vision for the future of cryptocurrency

Mass adoption of cryptocurrency

Yamgo offers the first step for many people across the globe to create a wallet and earn free cryptocurrency from their digital actions. Users can then manage these rewards in a wallet they own and control. Yamgo has a goal to help people earn value and access financial services anywhere they are and at extremely low costs.


Yamgo allows you to be appropriately rewarded for your time, data, and attention in your online actions. Yamgo has a vision to redistribute the money spent in advertising and marketing away from unnecessary middle-men or ad fraud and give it to the people who deserve it – people like you.


Join the Revolution

Join thousands of users who are already earning free money-like crypto assets on the ultimate rewards platform. Yamgo is the fastest, easiest and safest way to start earning cryptocurrency assets with no fuss. 

Ryan Davies

Ryan Davies is the Chief Product Officer For Yamgo Ltd. As the Head of Product Development Ryan oversees all aspects of product research, strategy, design, transformation, delivery and innovation. Ryan is a Product Designer, Creative and Cryptocurrency & Blockchain tech enthusiast who drinks too much tea.