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The best places to stake HBAR and earn rewards


“Native Staking” is a new way to earn HBAR with Hedera Hashgraph, but where can you go to stake your Hedera HBAR?


What is “staking”, and what is my incentive to do it?

Staking is a way for Crypto holders to earn passive income from the crypto assets they have staked to a node.

Staking rewards vary depending on many factors such as the amount of rewards left on the node, how much you have staked or even if the node is rewarding its users!

If you want to learn more about what Hedera native staking is and how it works, read our blog here


What are my options with staking?

There are a lot of options when it comes to staking on Hedera but a few stand out from the rest., Binance and HashPack all allow you to stake HBAR on their platform as does Yamgo. Yamgo is a great platform to use when staking your HBAR because not only will you earn native staking rewards but you’ll also be able to receive daily HBAR boost rewards from Yamgo, all without having to lose custody of your HBAR. On top of that, Yamgo offers the ability to earn extra HBAR by completing offers and gaining rewards for day to day tasks such as downloading apps or signing up to trials!



How to enable Proxy staking with Yamgo?

Staking with Yamgo is incredibly simple. All you need is a Yamgo account and any amount of HBAR (which you can earn right here on Yamgo just for signing up), choose a node and input your private keys to update the staking information on your Hedera account and then you’re all set up for staking! To earn your staking rewards through Yamgo, all you have to do is select your node and claim your daily boost or earn a reward and you will get your staking rewards!! If you’re wondering what the best nodes are to stake with, read our blog on how to decide which node is best for you here! Yamgo supports Hedera staking and we are actively working on keeping our app the best to stake with!


* Network staking rewards are not fixed and will change daily – they can go up or down based on the activity on the Hedera network and the performance of the node you are staked to.


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