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Introducing Yammies

Yammies is an NFT-based idle strategy metaverse game teeming with fascinating ant-like creatures that players can collect and recruit. Built on Hedera Hashgraph, the game allows players to collect, raise, enhance, and merge their Yammies. Players can also trade or battle with others to collect resources, improve their stats, and expand their land ownership.

Yammies empowers players by giving them control over the in-game economy through trading, harvesting, retrieval, and plundering, players can earn rewards and resources. This is all achieved through a blend of strategic gaming, economic planning, and skill.

Yammies is designed to offer a wide range of gaming experiences and playstyles. Some players may choose to participate on an economic strategy level; trading and harvesting resources on their land to earn rewards. Some players may choose to PvP battles to climb high into the game rankings and attain bragging rights alongside resources. Other players might choose to play as part of a community, playing a warrior or supporting role in a guild to achieve joint success.

All of these styles provide different levels of fun and strategy but offer the same level of enjoyment and rewards.

What are Yammies?

Yammies are the central characters in this metaverse, inhabiting the world of Colonysia. Each Yammie consists of a unique NFT artwork linked to an in-game “trading card” that records its stats and progression. This dual rarity system—artistic and statistical—offers players multiple chances to get a rare and important Yammie.

What Makes Yammies Unique?

Every Yammie boasts:

  • A unique name based on its type
  • A unique appearance made from hundreds of layers of handrawn art, featuring a combination of traits like pose, accessories, expression, background, and skin tone
  • Yammies have random distribution of stats as they level up, giving the opportunity for a Yammie to become uniquely skilled in a certain area.
  • Up to four battle abilities or moves

As Yammies level up, players have the option to guide their move choices, making each Yammie truly unique.

The Worker

Meet the Worker Yammies, the backbone of the Yammie universe. These diligent creatures handle a wide range of essential tasks, ensuring the smooth operation of Yammie society. With their sturdy bodies and fortified defences, Workers are fearless in the face of any challenge.


The Worker Yammie


The Harvester

Keep an eye out for Harvester Yammies in the fields. These resourceful creatures use their razor-sharp mandibles to gather vital resources for the Yammie community, expertly slicing through vegetation, or when challenged, to attack their rivals in battle.

These resourceful creatures possess unparalleled survival instincts, using their keen senses to locate hidden treasures and protect themselves from any threat that dares to challenge them. Prepare to witness the remarkable prowess of The Harvester as they navigate the wilderness, leaving no stone unturned in their quest for sustenance and prosperity.


The Harvester Yammie

The Field

Field Yammies are the loyal first-aid brigade of Colonysia. Field Yammies are substantial, supportive creatures that aid their fellow Yammies in various tasks. These large Yammies construct protective mounds to provide shelter and ensure the well-being of their companions by administering first aid when necessary. Count on the Field Yammies for a caring hand whenever it’s needed!

Field Yammie

The Field Yammie


The Jumper

Jumper Yammies are aggressive and surly. They exhibit a distinctive hopping gait and possess the ability to cover vast distances with their leaps due to their incredibly aerodynamic body shape. But their skills don’t stop there. With their razor-sharp bite and venomous sting, they can swiftly disable any foes foolish enough to cross their path.


The Jumper Yammie

The Fire

Fire Yammies are fearsome creatures with an insatiable appetite for destruction. Although their bodies are small, these voracious Yammies possess a sizeable abdomen capable of producing an intensely heated venom, which they can unleash upon adversaries during combat… or if you approach them while they are eating.

Fire Yammie

The Fire Yammie

The Velvet (Flying)

Distinguished by the quartet of wings on their back, Velvet Yammies can effortlessly soar through vast expanses, forming enchanting flocks of their own kind. While they prefer to avoid direct confrontation, their swift aerial prowess allows them to provide unparalleled support to their Yammie companions during battles.


The Velvet Yammie

The Bullet

Bullet Yammies serve as the stalwart guardians of the Yammies, exhibiting resilience and toughness. These hulking figures stand tall over most Yammies, using their size and brute strength to physically overwhelm their opponents.  Fearless and fierce, they command respect and assure unwavering protection against any threat that may arise.

Bullet Yammie

The Bullet Yammie

The Ghost

Ghost Yammies are diminutive, swift creatures renowned for their ability to access confined spaces and stealthily infiltrate land when necessary. The “Ghosts,” monkier stems from their translucent abdomens and legs, which appear to vanish in the light, leaving only their darker head and upper body discernible. Although petite in size, Ghosts are esteemed fighters who occupy a distinguished rank within the Yammie hierarchy. For challenging missions requiring swift and impeccable execution, Ghosts are the go-to specialists.

Ghost Yammie

The Ghost Yammie

The Queen

Queen Yammies are the overseers of Colonysia. Their profound wisdom and extensive knowledge, amassed from the fusion of hundreds of Yammies, makes them the perfect leaders to manage a squad’s daily operations. They ensure that all Yammies adhere to instructions and fulfill their duties effectively. Queen Yammies are often significantly older than their counterparts, further contributing to their authority and experience.

Queen Yammie

The Queen Yammie

In summary, the Yammieverse offers an immersive, NFT-based idle strategy metaverse game that’s as diverse as it is engaging. From the industrious Worker Yammies to the stealthy Ghosts, each character brings a unique set of skills and attributes to the table, enriching the gameplay and your overall experience. Whether you’re a strategist at heart, a combat enthusiast, or someone who enjoys community building, there’s a place for you in this captivating world. With the game set to go live later this year, now is the perfect time to join Club Yamgo and become part of this exciting journey. Don’t miss your chance to dive into a universe where strategy, community, and blockchain technology converge to create something truly extraordinary.

If you would like to find out more check out our Whitepaper!

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