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New Watch, Learn & Earn section allows Yamgo users to earn HBAR Rewards in exchange for watching videos. 


Yamgo has released Watch, Learn & Earn, a new feature within the platform that enables you to rewards for watching videos and answering questions about different crypto and blockchain projects.

From today you will be able to access “Watch, Learn & Earn” via your dashboard at The new feature gives you a new way to earn HBAR rewards, by watching short videos and learning about different products and their features.

How does it work? Watch. Learn. Earn. 

Watch, Learn & Earn is Yamgo’s newest way to earn Money-like crypto assets.

When you visit the Watch page in the Yamgo dashboard you’ll see a variety of video series that you can join. Each series is based on a different subject or project and offers different rewards. After watching a video you will be given a multiple choice question based on the content of the video you just saw. If you answer the question correctly you’ll be given a reward. 

For the first series in Watch, Learn & Earn the team behind Yamgo have put together Yamgo University. This series premieres with 3 different videos that teach you about Yamgo. In the first series Yamgo gives you short explainer videos about what Yamgo is and Explains how Hedera Hashgraph works, as well as how to earn HBar with Yamgo. After each video you will be prompted with a few questions about the things you’ve learned and for each correct answer you’ll earn a reward. Don’t worry about getting a question wrong, you can try as many times as you need.

A better way for you to earn!

Watch, Learn and Earn is a quick, fun and easy way to earn rewards on Yamgo. It can also help teach you more about the crypto industry, Hedera Hashgraph and the value of your HBAR. The rewards from the videos are paid directly by Yamgo. They arrive in your account almost instantly, making this our fastest and easiest way to earn. Be aware though, spaces are limited and you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity.

First come, First served.

Every series in Watch, Learn & Earn has a limited amount of spaces which can be claimed by users  on a first come, first served basis once it’s gone, it’s gone.  Make sure you grab your space as quickly as you can.

With that being said, the future is bright with Watch, Learn & Earn. We’ll regularly be releasing new series with more videos from different brands and projects. Keep your eyes open to join new series as quickly as you can and rack up those HBAR rewards! 


Hi, My Name is Pat! The crypto ninja who works for Yamgo, the wallet that's so secure, even their passwords have passwords! Earn crypto rewards like a boss, staking and watching videos like it's nobody's business. When I am not crushing it in the crypto world, I am crushing waves like a pro surfer and soaring through the air like a kiteboarding superstar. All fueled by coffee that's so strong, it could power a rocket ship to the moon. Move over Superman, there's a new hero in town and he is packing some serious crypto-power!