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Two years after launching on Hedera’s Mainnet, Yamgo Ltd is bringing live use cases for distributed ledger technology to the mass market.

Yamgo Ltd, the burgeoning technology company behind the AdsDax Advertising and Yamgo Rewards platform, has unveiled more details around their growth as they celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the launch of Hedera Hashgraph’s Mainnet.

With a mission to prove the product > market fit, Yamgo Ltd has led the charge in demonstrating how both enterprise B2B and B2C use cases can be commercially successful by utilising blockchain/DLT technology. During this time the UK-based firm has grown to become one of the primary contributors to Hedera’s network, executing over1.28 billion transactions and crypto payments (over 75% of the network’s total usage) and creating over 110,000 new Hedera Users (over 25%) of the total Hedera Audience as well as setting a blockchain industry record by reaching 1372 transactions per second for a sustained period (over 68x more than the theoretical maximum throughput of Ethereum).


Discussing their success, Yamgo CEO Ian Mullins commented, “ In the two years since we initially moved AdsDax to the mainnet on launch day, Hedera Hashgraph has run solidly and has never let us down. With ultra-low transaction fees, a world-class governing council, rock-solid infrastructure and consistent update and release cycle, Hedera Hashgraph has proven itself as a technology partner that can be relied upon to run enterprise business cases at scale with bank-grade security. With AdsDax we have been able to build a successful advertising network that can deliver massive throughput with all events tracked and audited on Ledger. Through Yamgo we have built a growing and successful consumer platform that has seen over 100,000 people sign up and receive their first HBAR in order to onboard the world of cryptocurrency.”


Yamgo began their journey on Hedera Hashgraph with the launch of their AdsDax Advertising Platform. A Self-Service Ad Network that allows ad agencies and businesses to create mobile advertising campaigns that are delivered to users across AdsDax’s network of publishers. After executing over 10 million crypto payments on Hedera within the first four weeks it was clear that AdsDax was showcasing itself as a high-throughput use case within the blockchain/DLT industry driving a volume of transactions that most Blockchain/DLT networks would never be able to handle in real-time and proving Hedera Hashgraphs claims of being able to handle over 10,000 transactions per second. 


Discussing the success Yamgo’s products have seen since launching on Hedera, Yamgo CPO  Ryan Davies said, “When we started building products on Hashgraph we were excited by the idea of an incipient technology that was brimming with the potential to transform multiple industries, making them more efficient, interoperable and more secure. Two years later, we’re no longer seeing Hashgraph and the wider blockchain/DLT space as nascent technology, instead, through the work of Yamgo and other bleeding edge projects from the highly innovative companies and developers running on Hedera, we are seeing that potential realised. Together we have proven beyond doubt that it is possible to build mass-market businesses with decentralised elements. From payments and tracking to retail, fraud management, compliance, healthcare, asset management, identity and tokenization, Hedera is becoming the trust layer of the internet.”


In 2021 Yamgo Ltd. announced the beta-release of their Yamgo rewards platform, a brand new product that leverages Hedera’s native cryptocurrency (HBAR) to reward consumers in real-time for their online actions with HBAR. Although still in Beta and not available worldwide the platform has reached over 110,000 users, bringing new entrants to the Hedera and cryptocurrency space.


Ryan Davies

Ryan Davies is the Chief Product Officer For Yamgo Ltd. As the Head of Product Development Ryan oversees all aspects of product research, strategy, design, transformation, delivery and innovation. Ryan is a Product Designer, Creative and Cryptocurrency & Blockchain tech enthusiast who drinks too much tea.